Monday, April 3, 2017

How is your 40th going?

Last Friday, I became officially unemployed!
This year has been a whirlwind for me!
I went from working part-time for the last nine years,
to  being laid-off at the end of last year,
to transitioning to a full-time position without a break,
to finally quitting today!
(I did give my two-weeks notice).
Without this chain of events,
I wouldn't have known that family is my priority now.

NBC - The Office

I turned 40 last year!
With work, with family, with health,
40th hasn't been a fun year, but I kept going non-stop!

But at some point, I realize I have to give up something
in order to gain something.

Over the weekend, I saw a flash sale on Planet Fitness!
$1 down and $10 per month!
I signed up! It is still available!

I took my first Abs class and TRX class back to back this morning!
I feel good!
I feel motivated!
I'm ready for the new beginning!

How is your 40th going?

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  1. I think things will just get better for you now! Since having our first baby we've decided that I should stay home with our baby and future children. Its been a huge adjustment, but I feel overjoyed to be there for my baby.