Sunday, February 2, 2014


Today was a little chilly. 
Just a little, not too much!
Not enough to be an eskimo,
but I have to grab any chance I get in California to be one!
This fur hood is removable, but I love the look
with it!

Last night's Chinese New Year celebration was fun!
All the kids love receiving their red envelopes and running around
the house with their cousins!
The adults just indulge in awesome Chinese New Year delicacies, like
sea cucumber, cold dish jellyfish, and escargot!
I should have taken pictures of them!
For dessert, it was sweet red bean soup with homemade starch balls.
Unfortunately, the starch balls didn't take their shape
and melted in the hot temperature.  It was the first time Dad made them. 
He said next time it should turn out better.

I was trying to swing and show the flow of the dress.
I need more practice on this movement because I couldn't
get a shot that looks more graceful than this one.

See you soon!

coat - forever 21
dress - french connection
top - old
shoes - studio paolo

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