Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hope your weekend was as sweet as mine!

On Valentine's Day,  my husband and I walked to a nearby
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to take advantage of the BOGO free offer.
As we waited in line to order, I wondered out loud to
Hubby, "Wouldn't everyone pay for a cup be getting a second cup
for free today?"  Right at the moment, the cashier asked
the man in front of us who came alone if he'd like to get a second cup
for free.  The man answered no before Hubby could say he'd like
to have his second cup.

After we ordered our iced coffee latte, the cashier asked me
if I'd like to try one of their Valentine's Day cookie.
I turned to look at Hubby.  Immediately, he said no, frowning at
the abundant red sprinkles on the heart-shaped cookie.  I whispered to him,
"Is it free?"  Before he paid the cashier, Hubby asked how much the
cookies were.  "$1.99," replied the cashier.  "No thanks," Hubby replied
and handed over the money for our iced coffee.  As we walked to
the other side to wait for our drinks, Hubby explained, "If it was free,
she would have said 'complimentary'."

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S.:  When we got our iced coffee latte, we took a sip and it was bitter. 
Is it customary that Coffee Bean doesn't sweeten your drink?
Mind you, it was our first time in this coffee shop.

I wore this dress for our family portrait.
I put my hair up in a sock bun and was going for that
elegant, classy look.  I thought I looked pretty good
in person.  The hair looks kinda messy in picture.

See you soon!

dress - H&M
belt - old
shoes - jessica simpson

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