Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hearty Stripes

Hi!  Happy Sunday!

I took these photos with my mini iPad, so I can post directly from it.
But some blogger functions don't seem to work, 
like sizing the photos and just scrolling down to the bottom of my post.
It only goes down as far as the screen.

My white faux leather...

 Oh, I did it!  I just click on the photo above and 
hit return to go down the post.  But now how do I get back up??

See you soon!

I'm sporting all forever 21 today.

Jacket - Covington
Shirt - forever 21
Cardigan - forever 21 
Dress - forever 21
Flats - coach

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  1. I really like your pictures ! they look great !!! :)) I actually just started blogging, and I would appreciate any support you could give! If you have the time, please check it out, share it, or comment! It would mean a lot :)