Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY - Earring Closet

Hi All! 
Today, I want to share with you something I made to store my earrings.

This is a Victoria Secret box.
I think this box was a gift from a purchase.  It was just an
empty box when I got it.

I used to put each pair of earrings in tiny zip bags and throw them
in the box stored away in a dresser or on top of my vanity table.
But every morning, I was digging through the files and not finding
the right pair to go with my outfit.  AND, the box was taking up space
on my table or in my dresser.

I found these tiny hooks at a 99-cent store.  They have sticky backs.
Initially, I don't think I really know what to do
with them when I bought them, but I figured they're
only 99 cents for a pack of 12. 
Turns out, they were too small for a lot of things,
so I didn't use them for long time.

To do this, I just peeled off the sticky backs of the hooks,
stuck the hooks inside the box and the inside door of
the box, and one more on the side to hook the string so the door closes.

And there's my earring closet!  Then, I asked my husband to nail it to a
corner of a wall inside my closet.

See you soon!

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