Sunday, December 1, 2013

Brown Bear

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

 I received this faux fur vest from my mother-in-law as a
 Christmas gift last year!
So soft and luxurious!  This is the first time I'm wearing it!
I've seen how Wendy paired her faux fur vest so simply
and elegantly and was really excited
to try it on my own. 

 To stay casual and not overdone, I just topped the fur vest with jeans
and sparkly black turtleneck.

Today was another nice, warm, California December day!
The fur vest couldn't stay on for too long because of the beautiful weather.

See you soon!
sunglasses - oscar de la renta
turtleneck - old
necklace - old chain belt
faux fur vest - jcpenny's
jeans - macy's
belt - old
bag - coach

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