Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Project: Styling Fun (1 of 5)

It's been hard photographing my outfits in the
mornings and evenings before and after work.
So today,
my hubby and I went out to grab some boba drinks and 
I also packed some outfits for this "date" so that we can go scout out some
outdoor sceneries and take photos for my blog.
As we drove out, we didn't know where to stop for pictures.  A park?
Where would I change?  In the car?  In a park restroom?
We ended up going to a mall.  Hubby suggested that I just model
a shop's clothing.  Really?  I thought.  Is that "ethical"?? 
Will we get in trouble or get kicked out of the store?
Would people wonder why we are taking pictures in the store? 
Anyhow, I did it anyway.  Hubby says, it's like a school project;
hence, the title of this post.
We went into Macy's because there is no fitting room monitor standing
around asking how many items you have.
At first, I was worried that I would take a long time
finding and putting together the outfits, since it's not my own closet.
And sometimes having too many choices makes it hard to choose. 
My worries was unnecessary. 
As soon as I walked into Macy's, I was ready to do some styling fun!
The reason it's so easy is I didn't have to look at price tags!
I just pick and choose what I like and put them on. 
It's different from real shopping in which I only shop from
sales racks and usually don't waste time on trying on pieces
that are not within my budget.

I had so much fun! 
I put together five outfits and photographed them all in an hour's time!

Here's my favorite outfit.

 leather jacket - alfani
sparkly vneck tee - inc
boyfriend jeans - inc
shoes - jessica simpson (mine)

 The neutral color of the jacket and the tee happens to match so well together.
I can see myself easily changing this outfit from day casual to night formal
with a switch of the jeans to a pencil skirt.

These regular fit jeans are so stretchy and comfy. 

Oops, price tag hanging out!

I will show the other four outfits in the next series of posts.
See you soon!

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