Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sparkly Tulle Blazer


 This was another easy outfit for me this morning.  Black trouser and a fancy t-shirt are my office basics.  The sparkly blazer makes up for my simplicity.  This is the kind of go-to outfits I come up with when I pressed for time.

What makes this blazer different, aside from its tulle fabric, is that the sparkles are inside the tulle outer layer.  Thus, it gives that mysterious, hidden glitter of the night. 

See you soon!

blazer - hand-me-down from my older cousin
shirt - forever 21
trousers - h&m
heels - via spiga
bag - kenneth cole


  1. I love this blazer! The cut really makes it unique and even better that it has hidden sparkles!

    cute & little
    Vote for my YOUphoria outfit!

    1. No problem! I hope you win, Kileen!

  2. Great post love

    Please check out my recent posts :)

  3. lovely outfit, we can fallow each other if you like let me know

  4. Thank you, girls! I hope I'll find more interesting pieces to style.